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The Jalakandeswarar Temple

The temple has two court yards namely inner prakara and outer prakara. The outer prakara with the lofty gopuram on the south side being the entrance to the temple which has been built in late vijayanagar style consisting the main shrine and closed ambulatory passage around along with the integral mahamantapa having sub-shrines projecting northward together with several other sub-shrines as well.
The jalakandeswarar temple entrance is precisely designed with a fine gopuram having massive wooden gate s embarked with lotus flower like structure made of iron. A porch containing monolithic pillars of grandeur on the left side of the entrance bears testimony to the sculptural marvels of Indian architecture.
There are impressive sculptures with mind-boggling styles in the main mandapam. One could get mesmerized by the dwarakapalas made of blue granite on the northern entrance of the temple. On The North West corner of the outer prakara lays the well with a stone door way opening on a point below water level leading to the underground mandapa on neerazhi mandapa further joining the subterranean passage leading to the river palar.

Sripuram Temple

Sripuram, the splendid mahalakshmi temple, gets unveiled on August 24 for consecration by Sri Narayani Peetam headed by a god-man endearingly known as Narayani Amma. The tireless efforts of 400 gold smiths and copper smiths from the Thirupathi Thirumala Devasthanam for six consecutive years has created the 600 crore mega structure located on 55, 00 sq ft of area sprawling over 100- acres of land in malaikodi which is 6 kms from Vellore.

The Adi Kesava Perumal Temple

The adi kesava perumal temple which was built towards the end of chola period is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is situated at Thandalam in Vellore District. The Procession idols of Sri Adi kesava perumal along with his consorts Sri Devi and bhoodevi together with the gopuram and vimana adds much more glamour to the Temple.

The Seliamman Temple

The Seliamman temple of Vellore is consecrated to goddess Seliamman. And it is believed by the people that if an unmarried woman offers her prayers to the goddess then she will be blessed with marriage soon. A Yearly fest is held in this Temple during the months of March-April.

The Sri Rama Temple

The Sri Rama Temple at Nedungunam with Lord Ram in a sitting Position together with Sita on his Left and Lakshmi to his right. He assumes the role of Guru to Lord Hanuman who listens to his words. The victory over Ravana signifies the name Vijaya Raghavan to the Lord. The Five-tier Rajagopuram adds glory to the temple. There are idols of Lord Garuda and Dwarapalakas and shrines for Azhwar, Lord Krishna and Lord Venkateswara. Further there are two idols of Anjaneya and a separate shrine for sudharsana along with Yoga Narasimhar.

Sholinghur Temple

Sri Yoga Narasimhar Temple is located in sholinghur on 750 ft high hillock and one has to climb 1305 stairs to reach it and another Temple called Yoga Anjaneyar Temple located at 350 ft height and can be reached in 406 stairs. And this range is called Gadikachalam and it rises like a spire having the Lord Yoga Narasimha Swami with one incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It can be reached by a stiff climb. The small hill adjacent has a Hanuman temple with a cleft having a pool of curative water and it seems mentally retarded people stay there for 40 days and get cured of their maladies. On the Plains, There is a Vishnu shrine built by the vijayanagar kings and a shiva shrine of chola period. Then every month volunteers and devotees perform girivalam by visiting the temple in sholinghur on full moon. In the month of August Thirupavithortsavam festival is being celebrated and by October navarathiti festivals are held.

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