vellore Mosque inside the fort


Mosque Inside The Fort

The rectangular mosque, inside the fort, built in 1750, is protected by the ASI and is made of Granite stones with mortar on its three sides and plastered with lime and bricks on its frontside and the indo-saracenic style of the mosque bear testimony to the role of Hindu architecture in being a model for the thriving Muslim architecture.

A present the mosque is closed and not used for worship. The resplendent mosque of nawab chanda sahib made of brick and lime was built in 1750 A.D with masjid on the Northern side and provision for speakers on its top. All four sides of the structure are made attractive with arc shaped decorations. The pillars of the mosque are two and a half feet in breath on the facing side and about a foot in the sides with floral designs embossed on it and it is constructed in two lines, inner and outer and each row has four pillars. The inner pillars are much bigger than the outer pillars. The western styled has a large prayer hall of courtyard ranging up to 15 feet in breath and forty feet in length for performing namaz And close to it lies the mehrab with a platform on its right hand side for the imam to perform the worship. The southern side of the mosque has a flight of steps leading to the top of the mosque. There is a big dome on the center of the mosque with minars surrounding it. The minars on the northern and southern sides are much bigger than the minors behind the dome




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